KS 816 Rail Mounted Multi-Channel Controller

The microprocessor-controlled KS 816 controller provides precise, low-cost multi-loop control of temperature and features an interface for bus or field-bus.

The KS 816 can be used as a freely configurable field-bus transmitter with universal inputs for standard signals, thermocouples and Pt 100 signals. The instrument provides optional functionality for output hold in case of sensor break and the start-up circuit ensures increased element life and prevent interruptions during production. The self-tuning feature guarantees very short start-up times.

Standard functions such as set-point lowering and heating/cooling with four alarms make the KS 816 ideally suited for temperature control process in the following applications:

Plastics processing machinery
Heated moulds
Packaging machinery
Tempering units
Other similar thermal processes

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Max. Number of Outputs:


Max Number of Loops

PID Control




Logic Function

Dimensions and Size

170m x 124mm x 85mm (HxWxD), 1/8 DIN


Plug in terminal blocks

Primary Input Type

Thermocouple, PT100, 0-10V, 0/4-20mA DC

Output Type

via Fieldbus only

Scan Time:

1 sec

Control Type:

On/Off, PID, Three-Point Stepping control

Number of Programmer Segments:

2 per zone

Power Supply:

18-30VDC, approx 5W

Panel Sealing:

Housing IP20, Terminals IP00