Gems® specializes in working with OEMs to design and manufacture integrated valve and manifold assemblies to meet almost any fluidic system requirements. Whether it is a single or multiple position manifold – made from plastic, aluminum, brass, or stainless steel – final systems are delivered completely assembled, tested, and ready for installation into your equipment.

Manifold Assemblies

Gems manifold assemblies offer features you require, in a compact package, at a competitive price. Integrated manifold assemblies provide:

  • Simplified fluidic systems
  • Decreased number or potential leak paths
  • Reduction in the amount of mounting hardware
  • Reduced quantity of fittings and tubing via common passages
  • Compact package
  • Design opportunity for multiple valve configurations to handle complex and precise flow control
  • Reduced labor content required by OEMs
  • Easy valve maintenance or replacement

Fluidic Systems

Purchasing a complete fluidic system through Gems eliminates the time and effort of multiple purchase orders and reduces receiving, inspect, and coordination of different parts down to a single assembly. Advantages include:

  • Receiving a complete 100% tested system that can be installed directly into your end product
  • Reducing the number of suppliers required
  • Decreasing the assembly of numerous third-party parts
  • Minimizing the number of potential leak points by eliminating tubing and fitting
  • Reducing multiple components into a smaller and simplified final system

Gems experts can integrate:

  • Multiple valve types, including 3rd party manufacturers, into one assembly
  • Numerous tube and pipe fittings
  • Various electrical terminations
  • Sensors/Switches/Gauges (including pressure switches, transducers, and gauges, fluid flow sensors, fluid level sensors, and temperature switches or transducers)
  • Inline media filters
  • Heaters and thermistors