Our soft starters can extend the life of your equipment and save energy.

Whether you need a soft starter for an industrial application or RC-controlled gadget, or you’re looking to increase your production line’s safety and efficiency by incorporating state-of-the-art bypass and transfer solutions, trust the Kodiak crew of engineers to deliver long-lasting product quality and dedicated technical support.

Soft starters and motor controllers regulate a variety of automatic system functions while maximizing operational energy savings. To help you achieve—and maintain—optimal motion control, we offer many types of motor controllers, including:

  • Adjustable-speed drives
  • Intelligent controllers
  • Reduced voltage starters
  • Motor starters

Bypass and Transfer Solutions

With a bypass or transfer switch, your facility will be able to seamlessly migrate power. These cost-effective products not only minimize downtime and disruption during planned maintenance, they also offer increased reliability during times when emergency power is needed.

Isolation Transfer Switches

We offer a complete range of bypass and isolation transfer switches to be used alone or in conjunction with other power solutions to maintain a continuous power stream during maintenance, inspection, and testing. These products can be configured with numerous output options, allowing you to customize them to fit your needs.